What if I told you,you could teach without a liscence

Hi guys,

So, a lot of people like to ask me ,what do you do in Korea.Half of the people I know assume that I’m in the military being the fact that they know I was a film and video major.


…..So, what do I do in Korea? …..

I teach English. Yes, I know I said I was a Film student, that I was.I made the decision to teach English abroad years ago.When I was in high school ,my English teacher told me about his adventures as an English teacher in Japan.At that age Japan was my dream country.It still is actually, but I’ll be living that dream out in July.So if that was always the plan, then why didn’t I major in English Education ,well to be honest, I never even thought about it.I still have dreams of making a Cannes nominated flick,writing the perfect screenplay, and maybe writing a book about minority representation in Science-Fiction television shows.Those are my life long dreams,teaching, to be quite frank, isn’t. It’s something that I wanted to do for the experience, and a chance to live a life that many only dream off.To learn about a different langauge and a new culture is something I’ve always dreamed of, but I had always assumed that I would have this experience in Japan.Plans change.


……… but you’re not a teacher ….. …

Well legally, no I’m in no way licenced to teach English in the U.S.,but I do teach.


…….Who would let you teach their sudents English without a degree or a teaching license?……

Multiple countries such as Japan,China,South Korea,Cambodia,Vietnam,Thailand,Georgia,Spain…and I’m sure there are many more.


……..But why……

That is a good question.The reason being is that English is a global language and having your kids master a second language will not only teach them confidence, but will put them ahead for jobs and college admissions .I’m basically teaching the next generation that will compete in the business world(kind of ).You will find that many of these countries have implemented English as part of the curriculum of their students. Though you will find there are schools that force teachers who don’t want to teach English or are not fluent in English to teach English, that’s where you come in.(DISCLAIMER:This is not always the case.There are plenty of international schools in which everyone speaks English ,though those are normally  private schools .There are also school that have a slew of willing English teachers but those schools tend to be in the city.)Many of these countries are pretty homogeneous, so not only do you bring yourself and your language, but you bring your culture .I’m 100% sure that I’m the only Black woman my students and coworkers have ever met.In some of these cases, you’re working for a private schools for others your being hired by the goverment.Its great I have full health and dental care, free housing, renewal bonuses and a free flight back home . And what you should be doing is helping the Native teacher of that country teach English.You’ll b repeating words in your native English dialect.You’ll also be leading activities and games.It’s not for those with low stamina but i think it’s totally worth it.


WAIT DID YOU SAY FREE HOUSING,you’re not getting paid well are you…

I get paid pretty well I get a couple of thousand a month.


What do you need for this job.

1.)U.K.,U.S.A.,Irish,English, Australian, South African,and/or New Zealand citizenship[Basically they want English-speaking countries of their choice(western ones they know of) these are the ones a lot of people want….yes I know there are others,but I don’t make the requirements .]

2.)A four-year bachelors degree in any discipline.

3.)A clean Federal background check

4.)T.E.F.L. 120 certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

5.)An open mind.


….but how do find these jobs….

You can go to recruiters, such as ESLStarter(my personal recruiter) , and websites such as Dave’s ESL cafe are places that definite steps in the right direction.


…..Oh reallly……SO Whats the catch…

You have to be willing to leave your family,friends,church group,boyfriend/girlfriend,your home, and comfort zone.You have to willing to go a place where many people won’t understand you.You have to be willing to have a life changing experience.

[SIDENOTE:If you are a liscened teacher or a liscenced English teacher you could be making a lot of money and live a pretty cushy life.]

I hope this helps,






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