My top five hobbies

So this is #3 of thirty days of blogging(I know I’m behind but ….vacation)

These are five favorite hobbies….


#5 Martial Arts

This is one I never thought I would do just for fun, but I love it.It’s like my favorite way to exercise.I love sparring, I love training, and I love just going to my dojang(Korean dojo). Although it was always my dream of studying a martial art, because of health and lack of money ,I never though it was something I would be able to do.It was a dream that I made into a reality, right now I’m training to get my 2nd degree black belt.

#4 Buying and Reading Comic Books

First off, I’m a comic book collector and reader.I mean I probably enjoy buying comics as much as I enjoy reading them.There’s just something about buying a comic book for five cents, when I know it sold in stores for three dollars.Also like I like buying key issues before these movies come out.All these comic book movies are raising the price of comics(le sigh).I could spend a whole weekend reading comic and/or manga.There’s something about just reading a well written manga on the weekend or discovering a new superhero.

#3 Listening to Music

There are few things I love more than music,I am not music inclined at all.I mean when I was a kid I use to be High Soprano and be in Honor Band(tooting my own horn),but music is one of those things that if you don’t use, you loose,and well I lost the little musical talent I had long ago.I rarely go a day without listening to music,I just don’t see that as being the kind of life I want to live.Buying quality headphones is a must, because sound quality matters to me,it matters when I’m making a video or when I’m listening to music.I love supporting artist who make music I love, I buy CD’s all the time.When I like an artist I tend to buy all their albums and find people who they are affiliated with,and listen to them too.

#2 Photography

I just kind of love taking pictures.Before I had a DSLR,I would rent them from my university for the weekend.In two days I would fill up all sixteen gigabytes of the memory card.I have thousands of pictures on my computer,so much so much so, that when I did buy a new laptop, I made sure that it was one terabyte.Sometimes, I just see a breath taking scene, and I just think of angles in which to make it more beautiful.Sometimes I buy things just because I think they could be useful props for future photo shoots.

#1 Thinking of awesome short films and books

So, saying that I really do a lot of writing or filming is a stretch ,but that’s what I want to do.I want to write more, I have so many story ideas in my head that I want to write out.And I have more than a few ideas for filming that I want to do when I get home. Proper execution and procrastination are my biggest problems .I have so many ideas, but I have a hard time putting them on paper or .doc. I spend so much time, working on story lines, character building ,and  fleshing out characters and story arcs.I spend hours of my day ,daydreaming, making the best story you’ve never heard of.That’s what filling up most of my thoughts,characters from far away worlds.It’s the most enjoyable thing I do.

(3,2,1 really could be interchangeable depending on my mood,today this the order,but tomorrow could be different.)

Go outside and have an awesome day,



My view of mainstream music

Hi guys,

Well let me be totally honest… I’m not a fan.

Not at all, especially when it comes to American mainstream music, and the way it impacts the world(as an American living abroad you kind of see how it’s slowing eking into other cultures and changing the musical scene there ).That’s not to say that I don’t listen to any songs by mainstream artist, but most of the artist I listen to, maybe popular among some people,but most of them aren’t going to have a number one single on billboard charts.I like music to tell a story, uplift me, or tell me about the journey of the artist, the songs don’t always have to be a happy song, it’s life,life isn’t always roses and rainbows. My problem with a lot of mainstream music is that a lot of artist aren’t making music because they love to make music, they’re doing it to make money,point blank(and I would talk about some of the videos …. … but I’ll save that for another post). I do understand  everyone has to make money ,that’s life, but to me what does it mean to make all that money, when you had to sell your soul to do it. It’s the whole artist vs their artwork thing.If you’re an actor I don’t expect you to be the character in which you potray,but if you’re a musician I do expect your music to be an extention of you.Though their are singers who play a role,I’m not interested in those people.

I have a cousin you does jazz,he’s an artist and he’s  put out a couple of albums now.I can hear the music and see him within it,a little piece of himself that he wants to share with the world. I know everyone can’t be like that, but it’s still what I want out of music I listen to, it is what I search for within the artist that invest my hours and dollars into.I mean, you don’t even have to say anything,a well done instrument says,1,000 more words,than an empty pop song about sex could ever say.I’m a person that really values older music, at the same time I’m  not going to pretend like there isn’t any good music coming out; because there is, and I buy those albums and I watch those videos on YouTube. I like smooth sounds, rhythmic beats, and I want to see a little bit of your soul within the bars of your music, because if you’re not willing to show me who you are through your notes. I’m not willing to listen ands spend my money on your album(but hey that’s just me).

So you’re probably wondering since I have such a strong opinion on music who do I like to listen to. Well I love music of the late Nujabes, Shad, Sho Bararka, DJ Okawari, Daft Punk, Lupe Fiasco(sometimes), India Aire,Shing02,Justice,Ayumi Hamasaki, Lyfe Jennings, Jill Scott, Musiq SoulChild, among a few others.

I could probably write a whole book about my view on mainstream music and artist, but this is all for now.

Have a nice day,


Where I want to be in 10 years

30 day challenge Day #1

So right now I’m at that awkward place in life, I’m 25 working a 9 to 5 in a job field I don’t love,and I’m not even quite sure what I want to do as of yet.The difference between me and most of my peers, is that I’m working abroad.I live in Korea,and though I love living here for a while, I am moving back home this year.So in a few months I’ll be another  jobless twenty something with a degree that really doesn’t mean much,but at least I’ll be debt free.

So when I was a teenager, I though that by 25 I would be living in Japan and be fluent in three languages with a degree in some field of Engineering.Currently I am a ‘teacher’ in South Korea,with elementary Korean speaking abilities,and a degree in Film and Video.Times have changed and I am, well, much more realistic with my life choices as of now,I hate Calculus so I realized a little late in my college career, that Engineering wouldn’t be the best path.Languages aren’t that easy to pick up,even though I’ve been in Korea a little over two years,I am nowhere near fluent.Living in a small country town,some people are like, of course you’ll learn the language fast you have to,to survive.Honestly I need a structured class to properly learned a language, I have topped out on all the things you can learn through osmosis.

So in ten years,I’ll …. be…. thirty five,going on thirty six.I want to be at an intermediate level in a language,preferably Japanese or Chinese(those are the language I studies in college),while retaining or growing my Korean language ability.I would really like to find a job that I rush off to every morning,not because I’m late but because I love it that much.I want to write a book, though I’m not sure it should be Science Fiction,Fantasy,or Non-Fiction.I have a lot of ideas,and even my life, the way I see the world, could be a fun read, possibly.I really want to make a nice vlog that people enjoy watching, and by 35, maybe I’ll have a successful following,by then.Also I want to have at least 5 potential movie trailers,and one completed film by that age.

As far as family life I want to have a family,but the thing is ,it’s really hard to settle down with a person,when you really want to travel.A lot of people my age are settling down,getting married,buying homes,having kids,personally I’m collecting comic books,writing stories,and trying to find the best method to fill up my passport with stamps.Growing up people,schools,even family only showed me one way that  I could live life,they didn’t tell me that beyond the military there are hundred of options to see the world.They say that growing up means putting the controller down and putting a suite on,but I disagree.Life is a balance of the things you love and the things you have to do to survive.A lot of people asked me why go abroad , can’t you find a job at home,I’m sure I could ,but why?Why get a job just to survive at home,when I could do the same things in anther part of the world,and open my eyes and mind to a world I never knew.I really would love to find a person like me who is teaching abroad,or find someone who has a passion for missions.By thirty five I want to have started a family but where,with whom.I really don’t know.

As far as accomplishments beyond what I’ve already said, I want to be more confident with public speaking,by then I should be a veteran cosplayer(I have yet to start but I’m working on that), I should also have travel led to at the minimum of four continents,and ten countries,I should by then know how to swim,have conquered sand surfing, and have over 1,000 twitter followers and youtube subscribers(don’t judge me),I want to work on at least two music videos,I want to find out what I’m really good at and make a career out of it.I want to learn how to make ravioli and dumplings from scratch.I want to do a genealogy test on both my mother and fathers families(I would like to have an idea of what part of the diaspora they came from).I want to have been an extra in at least one movie and one TV show.I want to have drawn a single line of a comic strip if only to prove to myself that I could do it,I want to learn how to be a barista,I would love to have backpacked Europe,and to have traveled even if shortly on the silk road via camel.I want to be an adult who unashamedly play video games because that’s a past time I enjoy, some people party others play Pokemon.I also would like to have a black belt in another martial art (most likely Capoeira,Hun-ga(r),or just regular Shaolin Kung fu).Staying in good physical shape is easiest when you consistently train,or at least that’s what I’ve found with Taekwondo.I don’t have to be rich,I just want to be able to have the ability from time to time to see something that I want in a store, and just be able to buy and not have to worry about that ruining my finances.

^That last paragraph was just me thinking about everything that I want out of life by that age.We’ll see how everything unfolds,life is something that if nothing else, is unpredictable.Who knows if I will accomplish anything on list.I don’t know but,it’s nice to have an idea of where you want to be,and what you want to do.I need to update my bucket list.

Thanks for reading,


ReEvaluation of Me and all my blogs

Revamping my blogs.

So I’ve decided to do a writing challenge,every day for thirty days I’m going to make a post,though I am going on vacation during Lunar New Year,so they’ll will be a small break in between.I’m really not sure which way I want this blog to turn out,I don’t want to make this another Korean instructional blog like my original one(the last post I made reminded me of that).Yes that can get me views, but that’s why I stopped writing in my original blog ,monotonously writing just for views isn’t what blogging is suppose to be about.At least not for me,I want to make my writing fun for you the readers,and fun for me the author.So I hope you will join me as I explore words,as I try to level up to a wordsmith level.

Wish me luck,or you could just be a




High1 Ski Resort( and those beautiful,beautiful discounts)

Hello  NerdWorld,

So, I recently decided that I would go skiing for the very first time(though my body still regrets it right now,I going to acupuncturist tomorrow).

wpid-20150117_155614.jpg Me and goggles I didn’t actually wear,goggles and glasses at the same time,are a no go.

I had fun, though my acrophobia did act up a little while I was there.I went with my friend who had a season pass,and I got to admit that even though I fell a lot,I had a lot of fun.Minus the one chick who plowed into me.One thing that you have to understand firstly, is it’s beautiful place you should go to if you’re here during the winter time.



Let’s talk about prices.

If you were to go to the English High1 site,you will see this price range

Classification Valid hours Fee (Adult/Child, won)
Lift pass AM Pass 08:30 ~ 13:00 4.5h 60,000 / 46,000
PM Pass 12:00 ~ 16:30 4.5h 60,000 / 46,000
Evening Pass 18:30 ~ 22:30 4.0h 60,000 / 46,000
Night Pass 20:30 ~ 23:30 3.0h 40,000 / 32,000
Day Pass 08 08:30 ~ 16:30 8.0h 74,000 / 56,000
Day Pass 09 09:30 ~ 16:30 7.0h 70,000 / 54,000
PM + Evening Pass 12:00 ~ 22:30 8.5h 86,000 / 68,000
Evening + Night Pass 18:30 ~ 23:30 5.0h 62,000 / 50,000
Evening+ AM Next-day pass 18:30 ~ (following day)13:00 8.5h 88,000 / 70,000
Tourist Gondola 1 time 14,000 / 12,000


That’s 60,000 won to ski, but wait you need equipment.A board or skis for let’s say you’re going for 4.5 hours will run you 32,000 for skii.

Classification Fee
Ski board
Day pass 08
Day pass 09
Adult 28,000 34,000
Child 22,000 26,000
PM+Evening Pass
Night+Am next-day Pass
Adult 32,000 35,000
Child 24,000 26,000
Half-day Pass
Evening+Night Pass
Adult 24,000 26,000
Child 18,000 20,000


Uhhh,the only thing I can’t give you prices on is ski clothing because,well it’s the only thing not on the site, and being the fact that I have my own, I can only tell you that it will probably cost you at least twenty thousand won.

So let’s say that you want to go skiing for four and a half hours and you don’t have clothes,that is around 112,000 won and that’s not including getting there.But look at this chart.

구분 종류 할인율 비고
주중 주말
주주 본인 1매 리프트,
렌탈, 관광
50% 30%
지역주민(4개 시군) 50% 40%
리조트 카드 30% 20%
국가유공자 / 장애우 50%
외국인(리조트카드 발급)
경로우대(만65세이상) 리프트 무료
렌탈,관광 50%
현장단체 30명 이상 리프트, 렌탈(세트),
제휴카드 일 4매 30% BC, 신한, 국민, 롯데, NH,
하나(구 하나SK, 구 외환)
유아(만4세 미만) 본인 관광 무료

This is from the Korean version of the High1 site and what’s in red is the discounts for foreigners for the lift and the rentals.What does that mean, that mean that means that I only paid 44,000 won for my skis rental and lift tickets .

How do I get there?

You will need to take a train(Korail) to 사북역 that is Sabuk station.

[This was 5,000 won for me]

From there flag a Taxi,and tell them you want to go to Montainu Sukii Housu (that’s Konglish for Mountain Ski House.)

[This was a little under 10,000 won]

Ok now you’ve made it,you’ll see people waiting in Line to get tickets don’t go there,not yet.Walk inside the Mountain Ski  House as soon as you walk in there’s an information booth on your right,go there and ask for a Foreigner(Waygookin) High 1 resort card.They’ll take a picture of you and then you get your card that you can use all season long.Then go buy your ticket ,now that you have the card you get all those awesome discounts.

wpid-20150120_153405.jpg                                                        This is my High1 Resort Card and my Lift Pass(Yes, I am hiding the picture,I didn’t like it.)


Next Step: Ski to your Hearts content,go up Zues, Athena,or Victoria(yeah the mountains have Greek and Roman names,yeah it’s awesome like that)

Finished. Ok go back to the Mountain Ski House.Outside you’ll see green shuttle buses,get on one and ride it to the Sabuk stop.Once you get of the bus turn right,and walk up the hill ,you will eventually run into the train station.

Have fun on the slopes,or you could just be a

BlerdLikeMe(your choice)






What if I told you,you could teach without a liscence

Hi guys,

So, a lot of people like to ask me ,what do you do in Korea.Half of the people I know assume that I’m in the military being the fact that they know I was a film and video major.


…..So, what do I do in Korea? …..

I teach English. Yes, I know I said I was a Film student, that I was.I made the decision to teach English abroad years ago.When I was in high school ,my English teacher told me about his adventures as an English teacher in Japan.At that age Japan was my dream country.It still is actually, but I’ll be living that dream out in July.So if that was always the plan, then why didn’t I major in English Education ,well to be honest, I never even thought about it.I still have dreams of making a Cannes nominated flick,writing the perfect screenplay, and maybe writing a book about minority representation in Science-Fiction television shows.Those are my life long dreams,teaching, to be quite frank, isn’t. It’s something that I wanted to do for the experience, and a chance to live a life that many only dream off.To learn about a different langauge and a new culture is something I’ve always dreamed of, but I had always assumed that I would have this experience in Japan.Plans change.


……… but you’re not a teacher ….. …

Well legally, no I’m in no way licenced to teach English in the U.S.,but I do teach.


…….Who would let you teach their sudents English without a degree or a teaching license?……

Multiple countries such as Japan,China,South Korea,Cambodia,Vietnam,Thailand,Georgia,Spain…and I’m sure there are many more.


……..But why……

That is a good question.The reason being is that English is a global language and having your kids master a second language will not only teach them confidence, but will put them ahead for jobs and college admissions .I’m basically teaching the next generation that will compete in the business world(kind of ).You will find that many of these countries have implemented English as part of the curriculum of their students. Though you will find there are schools that force teachers who don’t want to teach English or are not fluent in English to teach English, that’s where you come in.(DISCLAIMER:This is not always the case.There are plenty of international schools in which everyone speaks English ,though those are normally  private schools .There are also school that have a slew of willing English teachers but those schools tend to be in the city.)Many of these countries are pretty homogeneous, so not only do you bring yourself and your language, but you bring your culture .I’m 100% sure that I’m the only Black woman my students and coworkers have ever met.In some of these cases, you’re working for a private schools for others your being hired by the goverment.Its great I have full health and dental care, free housing, renewal bonuses and a free flight back home . And what you should be doing is helping the Native teacher of that country teach English.You’ll b repeating words in your native English dialect.You’ll also be leading activities and games.It’s not for those with low stamina but i think it’s totally worth it.


WAIT DID YOU SAY FREE HOUSING,you’re not getting paid well are you…

I get paid pretty well I get a couple of thousand a month.


What do you need for this job.

1.)U.K.,U.S.A.,Irish,English, Australian, South African,and/or New Zealand citizenship[Basically they want English-speaking countries of their choice(western ones they know of) these are the ones a lot of people want….yes I know there are others,but I don’t make the requirements .]

2.)A four-year bachelors degree in any discipline.

3.)A clean Federal background check

4.)T.E.F.L. 120 certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

5.)An open mind.


….but how do find these jobs….

You can go to recruiters, such as ESLStarter(my personal recruiter) , and websites such as Dave’s ESL cafe are places that definite steps in the right direction.


…..Oh reallly……SO Whats the catch…

You have to be willing to leave your family,friends,church group,boyfriend/girlfriend,your home, and comfort zone.You have to willing to go a place where many people won’t understand you.You have to be willing to have a life changing experience.

[SIDENOTE:If you are a liscened teacher or a liscenced English teacher you could be making a lot of money and live a pretty cushy life.]

I hope this helps,