Yongsan Electronic District(Gamer Edition)

So,first things first.

Hello my name is BlerdLikeMe and I’m a casual gamer.

Mostly a Nintendo girl,being that my Nintendo 3ds is the only system I currently have, what can I say,I started out with a Nintendo.So let’s say that you’re in Korea ,and you want to play some video games,you brought your system,and you have like three RPG’s that you just beaten and now you’re bored.I would certainly suggest you come here.This is the perfect place for you,  Yongsan Electronic District’s- gaming area(this station is on line 1 and the Jungang line in Seoul).



Let’s go inside.

First off let’s say t hat you’re a nostalgic gamer.You can buy you a nice shiny brand new or used Game Boy Color,and the ridiculous amount of games they have for every system,yeah starting from Nintendo to the current systems,with everything in between from consoles to  handheld.



Marvel at old Mario games.


Or you know, see if they’ll sell their virtual boy.



Ok, I just realize, that I don’t have a lot of pictures of PS4 and X-Box 1 games,because well I don’t have them(though if I had the money I would so buy a PS4,but I don’t so…..) so I totally didn’t think about taking pictures of those booths.Mainly because I just went their to search for Amiibos, .Also one thing you have to realize is that sad fact that many systems have region locked games… I’ve bought multiple Japanese video games here, because the DS’s aren’t region locked.But some booths do have US games… for some reason.Anyway it’s just fun to see so many vendors selling so many games,it’s like a Mega GamesStop. It could take from 30 minutes to an hour if you spend time looking at diversity of games,and the figurines.And if you find a booth that you like it could take much longer.


Let’s say you’re an anime fan.


There are enough figurines to keep you happy forever,there are multiple booths that just sell anime  figurines.I assure you I will be going  back for that Tachikoma(there’s something awesome about Ghost in a Shell) and possibly that Jack Skeleton figurine in the picture below.



Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas,







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