Dragon Con envy or My Cosplay goals

Long time no see,

So as you may or may not know.I’m living in South Korea.It’s really fun but there are so many things to do,but sometimes ,I really miss at home.And right now everyone is getting over dragon con,posting all their awesome pictures and I’m just like T.T , it’s not fair,I want to go too.Now people are preparing for AWA,and I’m like,… why am I in Korea.I mean I know there is Comic Con here but it’s not as fun,at least not without friends.So in preparations for me going to 2015 New York Comic Con,I am working on cosplays that I want to do there,simple because I’ve never done one before.I think it will be fun,though I’m a little nervous.

My first try is Red from Pokemon.

126443-pokemon-red (1)


Yah, I know ,I’m a girl, but look how cool it is, and simple .Pokeball,hat,jacket,black shirt and jeans.I plan on doing the one from the far right.I’ve already started sewing it >.< . It’s super hard and I’m not sure where to find the hat,I’ll probably have to make it.

The next one is also Pokemon inspired(notice a theme here),

maxresdefault (1)


So unlike with the original Pokemon games ,with the newer generations there is not only a female character but for the first time ever in Pokemon history I can choose to be black. w00t w00t.Go Serena, GO!



Though it really doesn’t matter as far as cosplay goes but for me it’s still cool.I plan on starting on that skirt as soon as possible.

I will also need:

  • Black converses(I will paint them[I have the power!])
  • Knee high socks(I can buy them anywhere)
  • Mega Ring Bracelet(Toys R Us)
  • Shades(Ok I could just get white ones,or I can get replicas of the original from Ebay)
  • Fedora(Ebay maybe, I’ll find a nice one eventually)
  • Wig(My hair is quite short T.T)
  • Bag(I need to look through the game, I don’t really want to use the original purse design)
  • Blouse(So in Korea I think I can find a blouse like this easily)
  • Pokeballs(Ebay/Gmarket)
  • Fabric Paint(The Pokeballs on those shoes aren’t going to paint themselves)

Possible add ons:

Kalos Pokedex

Kalos Gym badges


I have a lot of ideas as characters of whom I might cosplay, but for right now these two are definite musts,especially  Serena.She’s my favorite, so I’m going to really spend most of my effort in that one.*sigh* What an expensive hobby.

Thanks for reading,



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