Nova #1 2013

Hi world,


So it’s sets you with up with a dad telling a story to a son who doesn’t really feel like this is correct time for a fairy tale.But this isn’t just any story this is a story in which the dad is a part of, based seventeen years ago before he settled down.It throws you into the frey of a rescue mission in another galaxy to save Rocket Raccoon and Gamora ,from Guardians of the Galaxy.It sets up that these people. are either the Black Novas or the Super Novas(or maybe those are the same) and that their enemies are the Gold Domes.So what I’m guessing is the Nova group is kind of like the Green Latern Corp.,maybe.During this story the kid is a little overly-critical, like he’s interrupting his dad to tell his slang is off,who says peachy anymore,like really.The dad puts himself in danger to save his friends,but doesn’t die and in the in is saved by another Nova.

Now push yourself through time,to sixteen and a half year later,our hero is now throwing up ,into a toilet as his teenage son looks on unimpressed.This former Nova has his son help him to a bed in the garage/shed as he mumbles about what should happen if the other nova’s come back for him.You get a nice shot of the helmet(that you saw him wearing in the story),which has probably been in there for a decade or more.The son walks into the house and tells his mom that he has successfully walked his dad back home and done his dad’s job for him.Let’s be honest this guy is looking like the worst father of the year ever,the mom’s trying to explain to him how’s his father’s just having a hard time right now.But he’s having none of that,his mom is just about to reprimand him as his little sister walks in.Giving him a chance to escape from his mom and go to bed.

The Next Day

Ok, sidenote this kids high school’s name is CareFree High School…..their towns name is CareFree…….Anyway while skating in school a bully makes sure to knock him down, while making fun of our main character, because his dad is the schools janitor.This is broken up by the principle who proceeds to tell him in no certain words that his dad is a looser and will be fired if he keeps missing work.Also he tells Alexander,that’s his last name,to ‘get a helmet’.Side note why are all the adults in the story so garbage.What kind of adults discusses another adult with a child especially if that adult is the kids father…. and the dad…. anyway lets continue.After school a girl(insert stereotypical high school pretty punk girl) is like I know that you do your dads job for him ,if you need any help…..and he ends up telling her what I think is his greatest worry, that he’ll never leave that small town and will end up being just like his dad.

Let’s go back to our nova’s but this time only fifteen years ago,and this time the daughter is the one hearing the story and unlike her brother she likes these stories.They have taken a recorder from the Regillians(I don’t know who they are either,bad guys*shrug*) who are tearing their ship apart.Being the fact that the dad broke regulation and got married(I’m guessing that they must be single ,you know, just in case they die they won’t leave a family behind?Harsh)Anyway they tell him,Jessie, to go home,we end this story when he tells them he’ll be back with help as soon as possible.The story takes up back to present time, Jesse telling his daughter that he made it just in time to see Alexander’s birth.Alex is just looking in the background rolling his eyes, talking raccoons and green women, Sam(the son) is tired of his dad,and his stories and he just can’t understand how his sister can hold him such high esteem.

The next day we go back to the school and for some reason the bathroom is roped off,I guess it’s unusuably dirty,IDK I’ve never seen a high school bathroom roped off.Anyway the bully from the beginning is like well,I guess it’ s up to you to clean it Alex,tries to hit him, misses(of coarse) and gets suspended. He goes the garage/shed where his dad usually is to blame his dad for getting suspended, but not only is his dad not there but there is a hole in the shed,Alex is like you’re not going to run out on us.And quickly skateboards out(he skateboards everywhere) in which his board hits a pebble and sends him head first into the ground(Fast Forward Three Days)He wakes up partially each him time seeing someone different the last time he hears people before seeing them.

Pulling back the screen it’s Gamora and Rocket,wanted to know where his father is.

End scene

I liked this introduction much better than Spider Man 2099 because they actually, you know introduced me to the character,I got to meet him,see his life a little.I got to learn his temperament,it’s not great but considering that he’s a fifteen year old who has to clean up his own his school because his dad is drunk and stuck in a dream world that’s fake,that would make anyone a little sour.


Have a great day,



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