Summer Days

So you may not know this about me…. …… but….. ……I’m….. a teacher.

Yeah I’m currently teaching English in South Korea.Our poor kids only get a month off for vacation,and to make summer more fun,the school decides to have an English camp where you get to,you’ve guessed it study English for a minimum of two and a half hours.It’s sounds like the best thing ever.Right!Right? Yeah, exactly that’s what my students thought so too,which is why I’m typing right now instead of teaching,they did what I would have done in a similar situation,stayed home.So what does that mean for me…. well that means a full day of YouTube video,and comic books.I want to go to a comic book store so much,but they don’t exist here,I guess American comics aren’t like manga (Japanese comics) they just aren’t popular everywhere.Right now I am planning my vacation  which is  two weeks from now, I plan on going to a lot of really cool places.I really wanted to go to the sheep cafe in Seoul(yes I did say sheep as in  BAAAAAA,look at me I’m deliciously cute) but it’s so hot in Korea right now that the sheep are at a farm in some cooler place.They won’t be back till September,so me and my friend plan on going to a cat cafe instead.I’ll just have to wait a little.Me and a friend ,who also teachers in Korea are planning our last trip together before she goes home.That’s one of the sad and most interesting parts of teaching abroad is that every year there is always new people coming in, people tend to only stay for a few years so there are always new faces.Also I have a friend and  a cousin, who are coming to Korea later this,and I’m super stoked.Yep I plan on going to a couple of different attraction, aquariums, museums and the like, no worries I’ll keep you posted.



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