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Gamer Vault:二ノ国 漆黒の魔導士Ninokuni:Shikkoku no Madoushi 二ノ国 (part 1)

So I was thinking, I really want to catch up on some old games I missed out on from when I didn’t have a console(or games I just somehow missed out on). I’ve been eyeing this game for the past year,so I though if I have to choose any game,this would be the first one on my list.Why you ask, what could make this ‘old’ game so awesome?

Two words.

Studio Ghibli

You know that studio in Japan  who made Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro,Howl’s Movinng Castle,Ponyo,The Cat returns ,Princess Mononoke(I could go on,but …. )

This game is made by Level-5 and it has all of it’s cut scenes(most) drawn by Studio Ghibli, yes I don’t think I need to say that much more.The PlayStation version does have more content,and a better battle system,but for now with all my traveling and living abroad I only have my Nintedo 3ds.The cool thing is, the games though very similar, aren’t actually the same,the production work for the games was done separately, so I will some day get the other one as well,I look forward to it’s battle system. There’s only one downside for me with this game for me.It’s in Japanese….Yes I did realize that was the case when I bough…..but… but it’s OK, I studies Japanese in college,so I am around … ….. a beginner level in Japanese(LOL high level yes still beginner).You’re probably wondered why this game was never localized.This is why.


This is the spell-book, it’s called the Wizards Companion,and it comes with the original game,being that our main character Oliver is a wizard ,this gives you information on how to draw spells,and a full list of familiars you can ‘catch’ to have fight for/with you.And at the time,they have no intentions of translating it. Originally that is, but if you buy the deluxe wizard edition the  of the game it comes with the Wizards Companion,a NinoKuni PS3 and the game, all for the low low price of  $350,but my main problem with that is, I don’t have that kind of money.I only spent $25 for all of this(It was on sale thank you Play-Asia).

IMG_6660   IMG_6662  IMG_6663

The English Wizards Companion cost about $100 separately, I would much rather improve my Japanese rather than buy the translation version of a book I’ve already bought.Also there is the fact that this book is $100 whereas I only paid $25 for the game.


But anyway it’s time for lunch,sincerely yours








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