Summer Days

So you may not know this about me…. …… but….. ……I’m….. a teacher.

Yeah I’m currently teaching English in South Korea.Our poor kids only get a month off for vacation,and to make summer more fun,the school decides to have an English camp where you get to,you’ve guessed it study English for a minimum of two and a half hours.It’s sounds like the best thing ever.Right!Right? Yeah, exactly that’s what my students thought so too,which is why I’m typing right now instead of teaching,they did what I would have done in a similar situation,stayed home.So what does that mean for me…. well that means a full day of YouTube video,and comic books.I want to go to a comic book store so much,but they don’t exist here,I guess American comics aren’t like manga (Japanese comics) they just aren’t popular everywhere.Right now I am planning my vacation  which is  two weeks from now, I plan on going to a lot of really cool places.I really wanted to go to the sheep cafe in Seoul(yes I did say sheep as in  BAAAAAA,look at me I’m deliciously cute) but it’s so hot in Korea right now that the sheep are at a farm in some cooler place.They won’t be back till September,so me and my friend plan on going to a cat cafe instead.I’ll just have to wait a little.Me and a friend ,who also teachers in Korea are planning our last trip together before she goes home.That’s one of the sad and most interesting parts of teaching abroad is that every year there is always new people coming in, people tend to only stay for a few years so there are always new faces.Also I have a friend and  a cousin, who are coming to Korea later this,and I’m super stoked.Yep I plan on going to a couple of different attraction, aquariums, museums and the like, no worries I’ll keep you posted.



Spider-Man 2099 and Comics in Korea[Comic Book Corner]


So being the fact that I’m in Korea, I realize that I’m going into comic book withdrawal. I’ve probably bought at least three hundred or more comics in the past few months(most of which I’ve paid around $.01 to $1 for ,but I haven’t touched a single one{EBAY is my friend})It’s driving me nuts.I recently asked a couple of male teachers about comic book shops in Korea,and according to them…. they don’t exist here *head explode*.So I’m left with two options.Digital comics or ordering print comics from Canada(because I’ve found Canadian Comic shops do better and cheaper international shipping).So I’m buying the comics I really want to keep from Canada and comics I’m interested in maybe buying in print,and the ones I’m unsure of in a digital format.Yes digital comics are cheaper,but print comic books appreciate over time especially if they are the #1 issue or a variant.


So let’s talk about Spider-Man 2099 #1 (2014)


First off,I previously knew nothing of this character, as far as Spider-Mans go, I tend to stick to Peter Parker/Dr.Oct/Miles Morales .I’ve only recently start reading about Morales, he’s only been Spider-Man for about three years now .But I do love Spider-Man’s so I would give this guy a try ,and I was basically given his whole synopsis in the first speech bubble.

His name is Miguel O’Hara, a genius kid from the year 2099,working at the mega-corporation Alchemax, he rewrote his DNA to replicate the original Spider Man, making his DNA 50% spider.Due to a temporal distortion threatening the president of Alchemax who is secretly his father,he goes back in time to look out his grandfather .We are told this by his holographic system called Lyla.

OK, so I don’t mind a comic just dropping me in the middle of the story,I mean I love putting together pieces, and breaking down what’s happening.But this one doesn’t just do that, it also implies that stuff has recently just happened,like a few days ago.Because it just leaves me with a lot of question I can’t answer …. isn’t this suppose to be #1.,but maybe there’s a #0 I haven’t read.We start off with a future terminator coming to the past to kill Miguel  to stop some bad event from happening in the future.OK, so he’s not a terminator he works for this future temporal police agency called T.O.T.E.M., who are kinda like the temporal time police from, Star Trek Voyager.Except for the fact that he kills anybody who’s in the way with whom’s future isn’t relevant to the world.I mean I understand that this person’s not going to have kids who will change the world ,but can they at least be allowed to live out their, ‘irrelevant’ life.Also it normally goes against temporal time directive rules to tell people about their future because you know, they could probably change it.A good example is this agent kills one security guard because he does nothing important  to help the future, and he tells the other you’ll have two kids one will die in a car crash ,the other will do major cancer research and is “detrimental to humanity”,so though he wants to he can’t kill him.And he gives the guy condolences on the lost of the other son in eleven years(YES HE SAYS  IN ELEVEN YEARS)…..The Marvel Universe isn’t like H.G. Wells time traveling theory,you can go back and stop the reason you came in the past from happening,while making an alternative time steam,this has been best showcased in the days of future past x men storyline,when Kitty Pride went back to stop the killing of the X-Men.

So let’s talk about our Spider-Man he’s young,a genius, cocky and his name is Peter Parker.  No,no he’s drawn to have that cool popular look that Peter just doesn’t have.  To be honest I didn’t get a lot of personality from this guy, we know he’s a genius who purposely made himself a mutant,for the purposes of saving his dad.He’s inquisitive, he wonders about people, their motives and how they feel ,like we’re giving a whole page of just his thoughts, though he seems to be a little serious,he’s likable enough.He cares,which is something that a Spider-Man has to do, he has to care about everyone.But the thing is with most Spideys ,they were the little guy, the guy who no one notices,I don’t know if you can say this about a guy, a guy who made himself into Spider-Man rather than just being bit like the others.

His hologram reminds me of Gaia from Captain Planet, tall women in a long dress,there when you need her.Even though she’s not suppose to,she randomly appears on his wrist watch multiple times,and even cracks a joke with the T.O.T.E.M. agent.She also makes all his clothes.Yes, his clothes are actually just holograms, he’s wearing his suit 24/7… well I just hope he’s washing it.

Lastly we meet a woman called Ms.Allen who figures out that Miggy,yes that’s his nickname,didn’t break in, so he must be an employee,and she wants to use him.The T.O.T.E.M. agent actually thought that she was more of a threat to the future than Miggy was,being that it is their relationship and partnership that hurts the future,so he was willing to just kill her and leave Miggy alone,but of course Miggy uses his webbing to point the weapon back on the agent,and now we are left with a woman,who wants to potentially use him.

Hmmm, I bought this as a digital copy,but I’m not sure if I really want to buy another.Like, if it was this verses the new Amazing Spider-Man, it wouldn’t even be a competition…. It’s a new series though, so I will give it a little more time.So would I buy  print copy…NOOOOO….. ,but I might get the next digital one when it comes out,who knows,maybe he’ll grow on me.



Gamer Vault:二ノ国 漆黒の魔導士Ninokuni:Shikkoku no Madoushi 二ノ国 (part 1)

So I was thinking, I really want to catch up on some old games I missed out on from when I didn’t have a console(or games I just somehow missed out on). I’ve been eyeing this game for the past year,so I though if I have to choose any game,this would be the first one on my list.Why you ask, what could make this ‘old’ game so awesome?

Two words.

Studio Ghibli

You know that studio in Japan  who made Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro,Howl’s Movinng Castle,Ponyo,The Cat returns ,Princess Mononoke(I could go on,but …. )

This game is made by Level-5 and it has all of it’s cut scenes(most) drawn by Studio Ghibli, yes I don’t think I need to say that much more.The PlayStation version does have more content,and a better battle system,but for now with all my traveling and living abroad I only have my Nintedo 3ds.The cool thing is, the games though very similar, aren’t actually the same,the production work for the games was done separately, so I will some day get the other one as well,I look forward to it’s battle system. There’s only one downside for me with this game for me.It’s in Japanese….Yes I did realize that was the case when I bough…..but… but it’s OK, I studies Japanese in college,so I am around … ….. a beginner level in Japanese(LOL high level yes still beginner).You’re probably wondered why this game was never localized.This is why.


This is the spell-book, it’s called the Wizards Companion,and it comes with the original game,being that our main character Oliver is a wizard ,this gives you information on how to draw spells,and a full list of familiars you can ‘catch’ to have fight for/with you.And at the time,they have no intentions of translating it. Originally that is, but if you buy the deluxe wizard edition the  of the game it comes with the Wizards Companion,a NinoKuni PS3 and the game, all for the low low price of  $350,but my main problem with that is, I don’t have that kind of money.I only spent $25 for all of this(It was on sale thank you Play-Asia).

IMG_6660   IMG_6662  IMG_6663

The English Wizards Companion cost about $100 separately, I would much rather improve my Japanese rather than buy the translation version of a book I’ve already bought.Also there is the fact that this book is $100 whereas I only paid $25 for the game.


But anyway it’s time for lunch,sincerely yours