Captain America:Winter Soldier Review (Spoiler Alert)

Side Note:I’m in Korea so the movie is just in the mid-run in Theaters here.

So to be honest, I’ve never really been into Captain America.I mean I know who he is,but… I mean I never really read the comics,honestly I don’t personally know anyone that has, but I digress.I really enjoyed this movie and I know for a fact that’s because I didn’t read the comics.Which is why I am rather harsh with the Spider-Man,Fantastic Four, and X-Men movies.

I got to say this was one sequel ,that really outdid itself, and was much better than the first.I was excited to see the Falcon ,but I had been told previously that his scenes were small,so I wasn’t expecting to see Sam a lot.But he was ,maybe, in about 1/4 of the movie,and when he was there even though he was playing that stereotypical sid-kick role,he kicked butt when he was on screen.(Sidnote: I love his wings,they were well done,but where’s his falcon?)I’m so glad they gave Black Widow a chance to actually do something in this movie. She was a main character from the beginning to the end.And her action scenes were great. OK, first off they tried to get people with that Nick Furry death scene.But let’s be honest ,I knew he wasn’t going anywhere,but that scene where they went after him was,ridiculously well written and choreographed beautifully.

Let’s talk about some Easter Eggs.

For some reason there a Saw movie reference in there,being the only American in the theater,I gave a gasp(I remember watching the first one in theaters) the Koreans around me didn’t understand,but that ‘Do you want to play a game?’ reference is creeping up in a lot of movie nowadays.I had to wait like 3/4 of the way in to see Stan Lee, he’s in every Marvel movie you just have to find him.In this movie he works at the Smithsonian, I believe, where all the Captain America’s memorabilia is, and when C.A. takes it, he remarks on how he’s gonna be in trouble.Another Easter Egg in here when the villains mention of Doctor Strange.DOCTOR STRANGE, which totally mean we might see him in one of the newer movies,probably the avengers 2.

The Easter I didn’t catch was at the very end after the credits.Ok every single marvel movie has extra after the credits.And people were just leaving,leaving ,walking out.And the fact that I was with friends I was like ,KIDARI(the Korean word for wait).Anyway Baron -von- whatever his name is revealing that Hydra wasn’t dead, and he revealed  the weapons he had,which weere  twins he had locked up in cages.I know shame on me I had to look this up,but turns out those two were mutants.(Hmmm I wonder how fox/sony feels about this) Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.Don’t judge me I know who they are but these aren’t mutants I know a lot about.I’m really ,really hoping that maybe, maybe,if we’re really lucky they might team up(Sony,Disney,and Fox) and you know do a freaking cross over one day.Because honestly the Avengers are great but without Spider-man they’ll never be as great as they could be,I mean he’s that one person ,who for no reason really,other than being a favorite,has met everyone .Even himself from other universes,multiple times.

So let’s say you’re not a comic nerd like myself this has great aesthetics,it’s beautiful,and well done fight scenes,and keeps you coming back,and wanting more,

As a movie I give 9/10


As a comic book  movie,however  I give it a 7/10 Because the little I do know about Captain America isn’t accurate,but it lost a lot of points for me in that last two minute scene after the credits(yes i know I know but it’s there so I’m judging).The fact this Baron guy has Magneto’s children, yeah those are Magneto’s children, in a cage…. …. let that sink in…. yeah it’s possible,but that actually makes a situation that they’ll never quite resolve in the way that issues dealing with mutants are resolved.Because do you think that with Cerebro, Proffesor X would let mutants be kidnapped?The thing is ,Disney probably wont to do a crossover,and mutants are a Sony thing,and the comics aren’t totally self contained,but in some cases they often are.Here’s an example we’re in the marvel universe , let’s say we’re in New York and there a vampire attack,Blade will deal with that.Robber use some type of science experiment to change their genetics to rob stores,that’s all Spider Man,if the Mob and the King Pin shake hands it’s Dare Devil up to bat,an alien attack is normally left to the Fantastic Four,and if there’s an evil mutant uprising in the Big Apple the X-Men will come and handle that.I know, I know,  these example are extreme,and any of them could deal with any villain ,but most superheroes have their niche villains they fight.Kidnapping mutants ,especially being the fact of whose kids these are could actually cause a mutant alliance, and start a Hydra vs Mutant war,among so many other things(the probabilities are endless).I wonder where they are going to go with this.

Anyway I really liked this movie a lot and will probably buy it when it comes out,

This has been a long rant by,