Hi world,

Recently I re-watched the TV comic based series Static Shock.Very nostalgic. I mean I remember watching so many comic/manga based shows growing up,but I recently relived something special about Static that I hadn’t realized until I was an adult.Let give you a good example of the superhero shows I watched as a kid.Their was Power Rangers,Pokemon(he saved the world OK that to me makes him a superhero,LOL),Big Bad Beetle Borgs,Spider Man and His Amazing Friends,X-Men,Sailor Moon,The Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog,Silver Surfer,Spider Man animated series,Captain Planet(cough),Superman, Batman,Dragon Ball Z, Zorror(don’t ask me why for some reason I just grew up on it)etc etc etc.Did you notice it, there are too things actually.The first is only one of these shows I grew up with, had a female main character secondly.None of the comic book shows had a black main character….Static’s the only black superhero I can remember with his own show,or black superhero who got  a significant amount of facetime. Maybe their were other but I didn’t watch them.

This is a comic about a kid,Virgil Hawkins, that gets caught in gang war on a route for revenge on a gang member who was bullying him.But when the cops try to disperse them by using a radioactive tear gas.It affects every person (in a unsuspecting way) there including Virgil.This incident is called the Big Bang.And all affected are called Bang Babies.Static now has the ability of Electromagnetism, he can control electric particles,and use them to his advangange. Using them to fly on top of metal things are controlling any electric particles in the air around him. So he is often fighting other Bang Babies to try to keep Dakota safe,while dealing with being a teenager,and trying to keep his identity secret.This comic book is based in what was called the Dakotaverse,which has now been integrated into the main DC universe.I recently bought Static #1 and I would read it…. if it wasn’t still in plastic.My heart wants to reads it, but being the fact that I can never  get the original creator to sign it.It will  forever stay bagged,I’ll buy another copy to read(LOL).

If your not into reading you can always watch the show online.The only let down is their aren’t many season,so some characters you wonder,what happen later.I recommend it to anyone.


~as always




The future

Hey world,

So let me tell you a little about me.I’m a blerd,that means black nerd(fyi) ,who is living and teaching in South Korea,I’ll be here for a couple years at least two more years.So now that I’m here ,I have to make up my mind what I’m going to do when I get back home.I’ll at least wont own the government anything but I don’t really have any plans.And being the fact that I can’t see my life as a professional gamer,choices must be made.I graduated with a film degree and i would love to spin my time just working on Sci-Fi and Drama’s ,but the industry is not that easy to break into.Especially when you have basically nothing under your belt ,at all I mean I did a very basic zombie(virus zombies) movie in college ,but i mostly focused on film theory,especially those of horror .Anywho I am torn between my love of Film vs my love of theater.I will go back to college for probably just a semester when I get back home,for some brushing up on acting and singing,and set building.Though honestly these skills can work great with both careers.Being an independent film maker does mean that I do have to buy everything myself ,and make all my sets etc etc etc….And I really love musicals ,after a lot of thoughts and discussion. I’ve decided a dream of mine is to be part of the Lion King Musical,in some way…. A big dream but no bigger than entering Cannes Film festival if you think about…..

Comic book or just novel writing is another possibility,… but well see how my own screenplays go first.

Although I do love games,I do not see myself as making money off of it.Though I intend to game until my finger’s just can’t do it anymore,and by then they should have holographic games playable by your mind.

So many Ideas,


It’s coming…. are you ready

So,as guilty as it sounds, I’m a gamer without a system,so maybe I’m not to true of a gamer at all… ….maybe.I am living in Korea ,and I have finally decided it’s time to upgrade my life, so I’m getting a new laptop and a handheld. I’ve decided on am going to invest in the Legend of Zelda :A Link Between Words  3DS XL with a download code for the game(It’s coming out on the twenty second of November,it was just confirmed today ).Though I would actually prefer a solid of the game,it’s ok. People bought the Pokemon 3ds and it came with nothing I’m getting a copy of a forty dollar game for twenty dollars. I see it as an all around win.Also I do want Pokemon X, mainly because the legendary looks better.Point blank only reason,I don’t care about the others,to be honest now that we have wi-fi trading is so simple.I remember those days in which we had link cables… good times.Did I also mention that it will be the first time in a Pokemon game that I’ll actually have an avatar that is my same sex and skin color,I’m excited about the customization!!!!!!

Love Peace and StarTrek,