Cosplaying in Korea

Hey world,

So in Korea the biggest anime convention is called Comic World,it’s held quite often in Seoul and Busan. I’ve been there once and I would like to do it again ,but the next time I do it, I want to cosplay. But it’s a little more difficult here.At home for AWA(Anime Weekend Atlanta),Momocon,DragonCon ext… you normally come in your cosplay, and/or bring multiple costumes with you(to your hotel) so you can change at different times.It’s not uncommon on convention days to see people wearing anything from full lolita,to people wearing necomimis to someone in a full bleach outfit on the street,on the bus,and even on the trains.

But for this convention you have to sign up beforehand for cosplaying. Not that you have to pay,but they really ,really don’t want you cosplaying outside of the convention center.You’ll see a lot of people changing in the station beside the convention area(which is as far away from the convention as you’re going to see cosplay). I plan on cosplaying at the next convention and I’m a little worried because all the paper work is in Korean,of course.I’m working on a Red(pokemon) outfit.I think I might be out of place for one particular reason,I actually didn’t see any foreigners cosplaying last time,so I’m going to stick out.But than again I’m doing a black girl version of Red,I guess I would a stick out a little anyway.

I’m not sure the whole process but I’m remember there was one room dedicated to people changing.Although I don’t have a lot of information on it now,I will keep you updated.

Live Long and Prosper




Hi World,

Hmmm there where two main inspirations for this blog, one is Black Man Rants,a witty vlog that I love to watch,just about nerdom in general.The other was a response to a fake black Spider Man movie/trailer spoof (this was before Ultimate Fallout #4 mind you) by Donald Glover.He was talking about all the negative comments he had gotten from nerds(nerds hating on nerd… like we don’t have enough problems with others doing that).The one that he said that really got him(and me) ,was one guy, that was trying to not be offensive ,saying Peter Parker just cant’ be black, b/c there aren’t any black people like Peter Parker…

….i’m sure there are no black orphans living in Hell’s Kitchen being raised by their aunt and uncle…And of course being black they couldn’t possibly be into science(black people loving science HA) or photography.

My statement is very close to his and just gosh ,you would think we’ve gotten past that,well you can’t think the same as i do,i mean gosh look at you thing…

So anyway, let me tell you a little about me.I’m a twenty something nerd living in Korea,for the moment.I’m into comic books,manga,anime,lolita,video games,computer games,music and I would consider myself a Trekkie, and a little bit of a Whovian(Christopher Eccleston was my first doctor btw).I’m going to use this blog for my nerdy thoughts and ideas.I probably do game reviews too,I haven’t gamed a lot since high school because of a lack of funds. Buy now I’m finally making the money to start up my old habit.

So goodbye for the now,

You can call me Cai