Working on me

So, you’ve probably been wondering what I’ve been up to,and if I’m being honest, I’ve just been a little busy.

But I’m working on becoming a better me, by working on my passions. I’ve been sketching, comic book collecting, and I have finally written a script for my web series shorts, and I’ve starting to work out again.

So this year is a year of me growing as a person.I’m eating healthier and I am going to start writing. So you’re probably wondering…

What am I going to write about now?

Where I get cheap glasses, cosplaying, comic books, fandoms, and well anything I hope you will find interesting.

Thanks for reading.



Guess whose back!

I’m back in the country ,and you know what that means!

Awesome stuff!!!

So what does that mean.

  • I’m gonna really start doing movie reviews and synopsis probably twice a week.
  • I’m gonna review every game I own.
  • Start making webshows.
  • Blogging a whole lot more.


Well that’s it…

Not a super long list but these are my ambitions.


My Most Slept On Movie List

8.)A monster in Paris

A French animation with songs that rivals those of the mouse.I was very surprised with what the movie gave me (story wise) especially after they purposefully trick you with the title.Cute and surprising a great animation for those who want animation and song beyond disney.

7.)Attack the Block

Alien invasion in a hood in London.I love science fiction but one of it’s biggest flaws is a lack of represenation of POC. Also this was my introduction to a young John Boyega. It has an unlikely cast of heros who although saving the world will probably never get credit for it.

6.)Meet the Robinsons

A movie that probably hasn’t been watched by many. It revolves around the subject I like my animations to have a good concept of, Family. In this case a kid who wants a family. A heart warming story with a message that can speak to anyone.

5.)Atlantis:The Lost Empire

All I can really tell you is to watch it. I have my own ideals for why it isn’t insanely popular, but no proof.A brilliant feat of Disney engineering and is totally worth watching.

4.)Sky Crawlers

Is my favorite Japanese movie that I found randomly at the library one day. It doesn’t seem bleak until you get to the end and realize the way in which our main characters are being used to sway the masses.

3.)Dark City

One of my favorite  science fiction movies of all time. Revolving around a city of perpetual darkness and dealing with idea of humanity and identity.It’s about noir styled film that’s beautiful and unforgettable.

2.)Mirror Mask

Unlike number one this was not a major release and unlike many of the others on this list, it’s a little harder to find. It’s a younger sister to Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, but Henson studio did a great job to create a new world.It’s a movie that balances between  Tim Burton dark and Christopher Nolan dark.It gives you a girl a coming of age story while adding elements of fantasy and her imagination.

1.)John Carter

Number one not because it’s my favorite but because it deserves to be a cult classic but isn’t for some reasons.It’s an amazing action movie.

Titles that I want for my 3DS 2.0

So I recelntly just reknew my Gamestop promembership and you know what that means if you buy two games you get one free.But there are so many games I want and I thought I would compile a list of every game that I want.

Soul Bubbles(about the same everywhere)

Lock´s Quest(about the same everywhere)

Docomodake BOING!(Gamestop)

Fantasy Life(About the same everywhere)

Mario Bros :Bowsers Inside Story(Amazon)

LOZ:Spirit Tracks(about the same honestly)

999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors(Cheaper on Gamestop but with $6 extra you could buy it new from Amazon)

Advance Weapons Duel Strike(About the same but don´t pay over 27 for it)

Final Fantasy Tactic A2(Amazon, save money)

Hotel Dusk( $10  used Gamestop, $10+ used Amazon)

Fire Emblem Echoes:Shadows of Valentina(Basically $40 everywhere)

Metroid Samus Returns(New game expensive everyone)

Radiant Historia($25 New Amazon, $20 Used Gamestop)

Kid Icarus: Uprising(About the same everywhere)

Dragon Quest V:The Heavenly Bride(Cheaper on Gamestop but with $6 extra you could buy it new from Amazon)

LOZ:Phantom Hourglass (Amazon)

Bravely Default(Amazon is way cheaper)

Final Fantasy IV (Amazon)

LOZ:Ocarina of Time(same price everywhere honestly $20)

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow(Gamestop)

Pokemon Conquest(Amazon)

Shin Megami Tensei IV(Amazon $20 New)

Fire Emblem Conquest($20 Digital  becauae I own Birthright)

Xenoblade Chronicles (EXPENISVE EVERWHERE)

Games that are in Bold are 3ds, italicized is on both systems.I do realize that this is a lot of money in games,but what I really am trying to do is set up the ultimate Nintendo Library.

2.0 I added which store Gamestop or Amazon which is cheaper or the better deal.I don´t  have all the prices on here.I will do a 3.0 but after all this research I´m tired.










My favorite things about SOFA 2017

S.O.F.A. stands for Salón del Ocio y la Fantasía. This is a general nerd who likes everything but even if you´re a specific kind like only science fiction or anime.They had something for everyone.

6.)Take a DJ class.

So I didn´t go up to him because my Spanish is trash.But how many  cons give you the oppurtunity for you to learn to be a DJ???



Well there are a lot of things that they had.It was nice to have



Shout out to the shop Bric A Brac in Bogota who let me put down my giangantic bag to find pins that I wanted.Their people where super nice.


4.)All the different rooms.So this was held in the Conferia in Bogota which has multiple gigantic two story rooms.There were four vendors room a gaming room,an anime room,visual ,kid,not to mention other rooms that were used for a lolita fashion show,a cosplay pannel,and for things such as archery.It was nice to have all these things under one roof.

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So it was just really nice to see nerd tags it was amazing.



2.)Martial Arts and Sports

Unlike any other con I have been to.This con had skateboarding,scouts(it´s co-ed here),unicycling,tent pitching, archery, taekwondo, and judo.Oh did I mention dog training yeah,these are things everyone should do at cons.






1.)I got to play Star Wars:Trials on Tatooine Demo with Steam VR.

So if you don´t know this is a total VR Star Wars video games.Now let me tell you something I was slightly not wanting to do this becusae I didnt want to pay for but I spent the little 15,000 pesos for it was amazing.

I got to be a Jedi for a couple of mintues.It was only a two part demo but it was great.

I was totally was planning on buying this game at home. that was until I went to Gamestop and saw that the VR will cost you around 600 USD.



Neo Yokio:A Synopsis

The council is out and there are only two opinions on this.


The people that hate it find it pretentious the people who love it think it´s funny and great.

What´s the show about?

In an alternate universe, Neo Yokio becomes the most envious city in the world.But during the 18th century, it is was attacked by demons.The major found peasant exorcist who normally exorcises rats and made a deal to exchange citizens for getting rid of the demons. The descendants of these exorcist have become part of Neo Yokios high society and are called ¨Magistocrats¨.

Our main character is Kaz Kaan.

The newest generation of Magistocrat and all I can say is the guy needs to chill and a new girlfriend. You could describe him as melancholy or I just like to call him emo with style. He has just broken up with his girlfriend and is the kind of person who would use ¨exetenial dread¨ in a sentence. Aside from trying to the number one on Neo Yokio´s bachelor’s board, we follow him on his jobs as a magistrate. Unlike his friends, his position as an elite member of society depends on him doing his job. Which kind of stops him from enjoying the life of the rich and famous.

My feelings

Ok so at first Jaden´s voice was killing me, and a lot of people have given him flack about it. But I think that there is something a lot of people forget.There are people who sound like that. People who just sound bored at all times. I just love his character. For example, after pouting for weeks prior to episode one his friends ask him to go to a field hockey game and this is his answer:

¨Sorry guys I can barely navigate the hellish vortex between breakfast and dinner let alone the labyrinth of the field hockey field¨

Second quote

His Aunt:¨Don´t you have a watch?¨

Kaz:¨Who cares what time it is when the future is interminable abyss of wackness¨

I loved the way his character is written, he´s that one emo kid we all know if they grew up with millions of dollars. But who I really love is Helena.

Helena´s designer suit is possessed and after that, she´s not feeling the life she lived or the life that Kaz´s life.She was a fashion blogger but now she doesn´t see a point in fashion, expensive clothes or parties. She has become an anti-social. And Kaz cannot understand her anymore, how could anyone not care about fashion.

Why I like it:

Our main character is a Black Socialite.

Think for a second about shows about socialites, for example, gossip girl. How many can you name with a single black main character who was rich, let alone the primary character? It´s quite dismal, so this was nice to see.Kaz is interesting I love his banter and character.Did I mention he likes to sit beside his tombstone when he´s sad?Yeah has it already and likes to go there, morbid I know but I like it. Helena is a breath of fresh air when realizing how self-absorbed all the other characters are within their world of high society.As far as other characters banter it´s mostly good though I will admit there are a bit too many yo´s, B´s,and Bros for me.But I would also be lying if I said I didn´t know anyone who talked like that, so I´m torn.Where is the thin line between pandering vs real life, and who draws it?

As far as family goes, the dynamic of his family is quite interesting he´s the only person of color we´ve met in his family. Though I think we will always know which member of his family are closely related because of the hair. Kaz like the stereotypical main character of most Asian based serious has the brightest biggest hair, light purple twist/braids. It´s kind of hard to tell which it is.

There is only six episode and we get to see him in, but I like it wouldn´t put it on my favorite but the quotes are amazing and very meme-worthy. The ironic thing about it is knowing the character and that Jaden is the exact opposite in real life.

I wouldn´t say it´s my favorite but I would be lying if I say I
didn´t enjoy it.

3 Nerdy things I miss while living in Colombia

3.)No Comic Book Stores

So this is the same thing that I found in Korea.Although it´s much easier to find American comics.

The only difference is when I do find the comics are so expensive, I often don´t buy them. Prices for any imports here are often inflated. At the same time when you find a sale on English books. You will often pay only a fraction of the original price. That´s also a big IF, some popular comic aren´t going on sale.

But I miss brick-and-mortar shops, they´re like a second home.


2.)Cheap/Used Video Games

Now, this isn´t specific to the U.S., Japan to me had the best market for used games, but here´s there is only one way to buy a game.


And I don´t know if I mentioned this but,  all electronics here are really expensive. The games here are the same region as the U.S., but I can´t afford to buy anything. The price for one recently released 3DS game is the equivalent of half my rent…

… so …

Here´s an example. The Switch is more than I make in a month, and double the minimum wage.

1.)Gundams and Mecha

Now one of my favorite things to do is buy Gundams and build them, this is called Gunpla. It´s one of my favorite hobbies. I picked it up while living in Korea. Now I´m not talking about the ones that you just buy and display, I´m talking about the ones you build. You have pieces, instructions, and it ones of my favorite way to spend my free time. It´s like building model cars but cooler. And they just don´t exist here. Now I do have one mech with me to build(that´s how much I love it), but I´m gonna wait till the right moment.

Gundam: These are giant robots manned by a person. Think about the movies such as Pacific Rim.Also think about the Megazord from MMPR.

Mech(a): Mechs are any kind of man operated robot, that doesn´t come from the gundam franchise. So examples are Neon Gensis Evangeleon, Power Rangers,Pacific Rim etc etc.

Thanks for listening,


Ghost Trick:Synopsis


You wake up and there´s only one thing you are aware of…

And that´s that you´re dead.

And you only have one night to solve your murder. Tomorrow morning you will disappear. But that´s ok, you have powers called Ghost Trick. You have the power to manipulate items and if someone dies you can go back four minutes in time to save them.

The only caveat is, you can´t save yourself.

Not to mention the fact that you have no idea who you are or whom to trust. Nothing is as simple as it appears, and as you help others and search for your murderer, you come to realize how deep this rabbit hole really is.

Will you solve your murder or disappear?

The choice is yours


New cosplay ideas

So you’ve probably noticed that I love cosplay.




Ok maybe you haven’t but that’s ok because I do love it.

In Colombia I’ve been just been rocking my X-men Jubilee cosplaybut I’ve been working other.One for Wednesday Addams and Anroid 18. I managed to find the perfect dress for my Wednesday cosplay and I’ve already located a skirt and jacket for Android 18.Normally for me my cosplays are not normally my favorite character of the series.I normally see a character and think yeah I could do that.Not always but often but these are characters I really love so its going to be amazing also I’ll be doing shoots for these as well.


 Here we have my muse Wednesday Addams.Who is off-center because her picture refuses to move.

And here we have Android 18 one of the strongest women in the DB universe.
I’m super excited for these cosplays.

Gore Magala and the fact that I am a horrible gamer

Now  you are probaly wondering about why I haven’t blogging on video games like I  said I would. The answer is the Gore Magala.It is the key monster in Monster Hunter 4U  and though I am only halfway through. I bet this will always be one of the hardest monters in the game.And I know I will have to fight it again.In fact I just saw a cut scene with it alive even though I have already fougth it twice.

I have been fighting this monster for three month.Well honestly I would fight loose,and put my system down for weeks…pick it up…loose… and I would repeat that.

Now I am not the worst gamer ever, but after talking to another friend who games I reaized forgot one main thing I had forgot to consider in this game….


Yeah I know that is quite shamefull, but I didn’t even consider it. I guess I’ve been playing to much LoZ and puzzle games. I haven’t played an RPG that requires a armour upgrade in a minute…No excuse for this really… After finding a good armour and upgrading guess who beat the monster the same day.

But you know what made me really mad is not really me sucking… It is the fact that every monster after that is ten times easier than the Gore Magala. I am easiely slicing through these monsters… 

…I am going back to kill it again to see how much easier it is with my new weapon upgrades…

Sorry I have been gone but I’m back